Like Father, Like DaughterCyclone, Typhoon, Hurricane, Whirlwind.  I feel like I got run over by each of these right after the other.  It’s a good thing that Shelby doesn’t come to visit every month or I’d be a rundown wreck!  The older I get, the less it takes to run me down, and a solid week of nonstop action at high altitude certainly does the trick quicker than most things.  It’s a good thing that she’s a real trooper, never complaining despite the time change, high altitude, and unfamiliar activities.  Rockstar.

Starting with hiking and biking at Stampede Reservoir, moving the RV from the middle of the Tahoe National Forest into storage for a month, hiking the Shirley Canyon trail up to the top of Squaw Valley, hiking Page Meadows, hiking up to the Martis Fire Lookout for sunset, sailing on Lake Tahoe, hiking up to the Stateline Fire Lookout, kayaking at Sand Harbor, Yukking It Upearly morning hot air balloon ride over Lake Tahoe, paragliding with Uprising Paragliding, live music at King’s Beach, Truckee Thursdays, hiking Eagle Falls, hiking Cascade Falls, hiking around the Taylor Creek Visitor Center to see the fish spawning window area, I just got tired again reading it all!

It’s a good thing that I do a good job organizing my photos sorted by date and the activity, or I’d have no idea what we did other than kayak, hot air balloon, and paraglide.  The nonstop go-go-go makes everything else start to blur around the edges, even with our active lifestyle it helps to stop for a minute and look back at what we’ve done rather than just always focusing on what’s over that next hill.


Whirlwind Photos


Hiking Shirley Canyon

Hiking Page Meadows

Sunset at Martis Peak Fire Lookout

Sailing on Lake Tahoe

Relaxing at Skylandia State Park

Stateline Fire Lookout

Kayaking at Sand Harbor

Hot Air Balloon over Lake Tahoe

Hiking the Incline Village Flume Trail

Paragliding Over Lake Tahoe

Music at King’s Beach

Truckee Thursdays

Hiking Eagle Falls

Hiking Cascade Falls

The Whirlwind Week Ends

4 thoughts on “Whirlwind Week

  1. Thanks Beth. If you haven’t experienced Lake Tahoe, we highly recommend it. In the summer, anyway. 🙂

  2. If you think you got tired doing everything, I was tuckered out viewing all your adventures. lol Looks like you had a wonderful time. Still trying to figure out what to make with all the pinecones I gathered during out visit. :7)

  3. We had a fantastic time! I’m sure that with as creative as you are, you’ll have something artsy whipped up for the holidays with those cones!

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