Wetterhorn Peak is barely a 14er at 14,021 feet, but since it’s on the list, it must be done!
The peak gets its name from its summit pyramid likeness to the Wetterhorn in the Rosenhorn/Mittelhorn/Wetterhorn trio above Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps (the background peak in our first photo on the post).
After the fun climb up Sneffels, we scarfed down some pizza and beer in Ouray and headed over Engineer Pass on the Alpine Loop to the Matterhorn Creek trailhead.
It’s a long slow 4WD drive, and setting up camp in the dark doesn’t make for a fun morning start in the dark.
The approach feels really, really long when you’ve had a late night, and pretty boring. But that’s quickly rectified once you get to the Class 3 sections and start scrambling.
There are some super-fun sections and I think Greg mentioned that he enjoyed this peak even more than Sneffels, which we both thought was a blast.
It’s a short stay on the summit as we’re packing up and doing the bumpy 4WD drive over to set up camp at the Nellie Creek Trailhead and hike up Uncompahgre Peak tomorrow. Number 38 down, and 20 more to go.

Sunrise Behind Us

Sunrise Behind Us heading up to Wetterhorn Peak
Sunrise slowly creeps up the mountains behind us.

Sunny Slopes

Sunny Slopes
Some shade, some sun.

Wetterhorn Peak

Wetterhorn Peak
This looks like a fun scramble up!

Slim Pickins

Slim Pickins on Wetterhorn Peak
You step where there’s room.

Coming Up

Coming Up Wetterhorn Peak
This looks more adventurous than it really is.

Ridged Walls

Ridged Walls
There is some really cool rock on this route up.

Leading The Way

Leading The Way up Wetterhorn Peak
Greg leads some sections, I lead others.

To The Horizon

To The Horizon from Wetterhorn Peak
Great views from the summit of Wetterhorn Peak.

Hang Loose

Hang Loose on Wetterhorn Peak
Happy to be at the top!

Rocks and Rolls

Rocks and Rolls from Wetterhorn Peak
This area is a mix between rocky outcroppings and rolling hills.

A Little Notch

A Little Notch
Greg coming down.


Back to camp where we’ll break down and head over to Uncompahgre Peak for tomorrow’s climb.

Wetterhorn Peak Google Earth

Wetterhorn Peak Google Earth
Google Earth visual of the route up Wetterhorn Peak.

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