Our third time trying to get a spot at the West Magnolia trailhead was the charm.
As this area is a hotspot for mountain bikers due to the popular West Magnolia trailhead, the 25ish dispersed camping spots fill up quickly, even during the week.
We lucked out as another vehicle was pulling out spot 18, and we tucked right in.
Tom and Shelby joined us on Friday afternoon and stayed through lunchtime on Sunday when we all packed up and headed out.
Spotty weather was in the weekend forecast and we had rain off and on, mostly in the late afternoon. That’s when it’s really nice to be able to hop into the Pod and sit and chat.
Of course we got chef Tom to make his infamous campfire brats, along with some hatch green chile brats with habanero pepperjack cheese. Not for the delicate of palate, but deeeeeelicious.
Chilly mountain temperatures make sitting around the fire that much more enjoyable, the moose drive-bys and dayhikes into the woods to take in the fall colors remind us all exactly why we moved to Colorado!

Weather Forecaster

Weather Forecaster at West Magnolia
Taking a minute to forecast the weather to the west of us.

It’s Not Just The Aspens

It's Not Just The Aspens
Everything is starting to brighten up here!

Guess Not

Guess Not - Juvenile Cow Moose at West Magnolia
I guess we won’t walk this way. It’s a staredown with a juvenile cow moose.

Hammock and Beer

Hammock and Beer at West Magnolia
Sometimes you just gotta sit in a hammock and drink a beer!

All Tucked In

All Tucked In
Our amazing free little campsite at the West Magnolia dispersed camping area.

It’s All Yellow

It's All Yellow
These aspens are turning fast.

Crown Royal

Crown Royal
A Triple Crown nod to Lola.

Setting Up Shop

Setting Up Shop at West Magnolia
Tom sets up their tent among the glowing aspens and green pines.

Protect The Chef

Protect The Chef
The chef must be protected from the sprinkles at all costs!

The Stash

The Stash
Only a chef can get away with a spoon sticking out of their hat.

Late Night Laughs

Late Night Laughs
Plenty of laughter to be had all around.

The Morning Chill

The Morning Chill
Hot coffee and a warm crackling fire takes the edge off of chilly mountain mornings.

Water Balls

Water Balls on Aspen Leaves at West Magnolia
Spherical reflections of the sky on this aspen leaf.


Some afternoon downtime, bundled up by the fire reading Kindles.

Morning Walk

Morning Walk at West Magnolia
Not bad scenery for a morning walk.

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