Mom & Colette At Poudre LakeAnother great Colorado weekend, this time my Mom flew in to spend a four-day weekend with us at a great little cabin up in Allenspark.  She was also kind enough to write a spot for the blog!


What a wonderful country we have! We are so blessed to live here and have freedom to travel the country and see the marvelous handiwork of our God.

The Rocky Mountains are indeed a wonder. I enjoyed the fresh gushing rivers as they tumbled down the mountain every which way between the rocks and outcroppings. It was fun to watch the silver sparkles on Bear Lake, and the clear water bade us step in, but the Small Fall in Rocky Mountain National Parkwater was icy cold. I would love to have taken a dip.

Every day we were treated to clear cerulean skies and sunshine with occasional puffy clouds overhead. It is amazing to see all the colors of green in the landscape, as well as mountain peaks covered in pine trees and some with bare rock; also all the side-turned slabs of rock and unusual formations. Wouldn’t it be grand to watch all that being formed so long ago!

Many times we went hunting for elk and deer along the highways and byways. It was pretty exciting to Elk Crossing The Road in Allensparkspot 3 majestic male elk with huge racks getting ready to cross the road behind us. One by one they calmly strode across the road, eventually disappearing into the forest. Some deer we saw were lazily grazing in a bright meadow at the Continental Divide, whereas another group were lying down in a meadow, easily mistaken for a number of sandy-colored rocks nestled in the grass. I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing the wildlife in their natural environment.

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Mom Visits RMNP

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