I just looked out the window and saw a bunny hopping by.  OK, it’s probably a full grown rabbit, but it looks like a cuddly bunny.  So far in our lower storage area of the RV (“the basement”) we have wild bird seed, sunflower seeds (squirrels seem to like those, and some birds), a 50 lb. bag of rabbit pellets (it’s a good thing we used up the 50 lb. bag of cracked corn so we have room), and some dry cat food for feral cats (though the one that stops by seems to prefer tuna).  Old McJohnston’s Farm, here.  It’s fun, inexpensive, entertaining.


Me with KittenWhen I first met Jim he said, “The more time I spend around people the more I like animals.”  That may be true.  But I think it’s also true that the more time he spends around animals the more he likes animals.


At Santee Lakes, where we spent a few months this winter, I’m sure we became known as “those crazy duck people”. Jim would have as many as 30 ducks gathered around as he threw handful after handful of cracked corn. I admit – it was funny to watch their waddle-style dart from the creek to our site so they could join the frenzy.


Yesterday I had an unusual treat as I saw five or six deer dash by less than 30 feet from the window. I quickly grabbed the camera, fumbled with the lens cover and got a bunch of photos of the tall grass and trees. They were gone as quickly as they arrived – something must have spooked them.


Many evenings, in lieu of watching TV, we sit outside and point our chairs at the hill behind our site and watch the bunny show: they chase each other and do the original Bunny Hop (one hops up as the other runs underneath), bathe in the dust pit, and nibble on grass.


Don’t misunderstand – I absolutely love watching a Broadway show in New York City, wandering through Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, and many city experiences in between. I’m grateful we have a lifestyle where I can toggle between the two  – city and nature – without having to commit too firmly to either one.


Yes, we are easily amused.