Today you just get photos and video of the serious wave action on Puerto Rico’s northern beaches.
Playa Mar Chiquita (Mar Chiquita Beach) is a beautiful protected beach that is extremely popular with the locals.
Plenty of parking on a weekday, and a guy selling mojitos for the unprepared.
The lava rock that makes up the area is extremely sharp and abrasive, bring good footwear if you plan on exploring.

Off The Table

Off The Table
Water pours off the rock table ledges

Playa Mar Chiquita

Playa Mar Chiquita
Playa Mar Chiquita is a beautiful protected beach that is popular with the locals


Staring out into the Caribbean Sea

Jagged Edges

Jagged Edges
The lava rock that forms these cliffs is crazy sharp and tough on the flip flops

Photo Frame

Photo Frame
The mandatory beach framed by trees shot

Reserva Natural Cueva del Indo (Indian Cave Natural Reserve) preserves an ancient Taino Indian cave with petroglyphs.
We didn’t hike over to the cave since we were wearing flip-flops, but we spent plenty of quality time enjoying the beach and stunning coastline.
If you visit, don’t pay the ten bucks to park at the private parking lot, there is streetside parking just east of here.
Worth a visit if you’re passing through, but not necessarily a destination in itself.

Roll It Up

Roll It Up Wave
Watching the waves roll backward


Somebody is getting tired of posing!


Woooomph Wave
Feeling the impact

Oh Crap

Oh Crap Wave
This one broke a lot higher than I expected

Fine Mist

Fine Mist Wave
You can smell the salt spray in this photo

Parting Shot

Parting Wave Shot
And one last shot

Mixing Bowl

All mixed up at Playa Mar Chiquita

Wave Action

Wave action at the Reserva Natural Cueva del Indio

Wave After Wave

Some beach music for your enjoyment

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