IMG_0406This stretch of time has certainly been different for us, with the bulk of our weekends spent getting settled in the RV, equipping it with everything from pots and pans to solar panels. Each week a handful of boxes arrive from across the world as Jim assembles doohickeys, thingamajigs and every once in a while throws in a whatchamacallit (I can’t believe spell check knows all of those words!).


One of Jim’s major projects has been installing solar panels on the roof of the RV.  The goal is being able to be “off the grid” as we roam, Torrey Pineand also to reduce our costs and energy consumption even when we’re on the grid. He has spent countless hours researching, studying, thinking, reworking and studying some more.  I really do marvel at his abilities.  Could we hire someone to install solar panels?  Sure, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun – or satisfying. I think he’s happy to have something to tinker with again.


Star SpangledTwo things that have surprised me the most about Southern California are the drivers (aggressive and rude) and the weather (lows in the 30’s in SoCal?!). As I write this there are parts of the country and world getting blasted with snow, so I’ll be grateful for the abundant blue sky we’ve experienced and accept the occasional morning frost.


Between all of the projects, we’ve managed to take time out to sample a few sunset spots including Sunset Cliffs, Mount Soledad and Mount Helix Park, and a few strolls along the coastal trails at the Torrey Pines State Reserve and Cabrillo National Monument and Tide Pools.  Well deserved breaks from all of the hard work!


And now…back to our projects.




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  1. have you moved and found 70degree weather yet? we spent 29 days in temecula and had about 7 days of 70+. nights were still cold!
    We are in Palm Desert and first week 80s in the day and 50s at night, perfect…cooled down some since but working its way back up to wrm. We are in Emerald Desert in Palm Desert til the 30th, I think, then back home to Prescott.

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