All AloneWe get visitors daily.  Deer peeking in the windows of the RV, ground squirrels eating our cilantro and basil (rascals!), woodpeckers tap-tap-tapping away, and all the rest of God’s creatures great and small.  It’s rare to have visitors of the human variety though, save for the Forest Service rangers and the occasional broken down vehicle suffering through the rocky, rutted Forest Service roads.

It’s always nice to come home to family, and this week I got to home Dinner Gueststo three of the family instead of the usual one – bonus!   We were lucky enough to have my aunt and uncle stop in and stay for two nights this last week while they were travelling from Michigan to Oregon and Northern California to see the Coastal Redwoods.  They rolled in with their pickup camper and setup camp right next to our rig, there’s plenty of space for friends and family when you’re in the middle of the Tahoe National Forest.

We made one quick tNom Nom Nomrip into historic downtown Truckee to wander the streets aimlessly and to visit the Rocking Stone Tower (check it off the list, but it’s really not that interesting).  Plenty of souvenirs to be found, but we left emptyhanded save for a postcard or two that Jan picked up at the California Welcome Center.

It’s amazing how much catch-up there is to do when you haven’t seen family or friends (or in this case, family who are friends) in a while.  All the latest news, upcoming plans, how things are at Guests watching Guestshome, the list goes on and on.  Despite our virtual world where we’re connected electronically to everyone and able to share information instantaneously, it’s always nice to sit down and have a long conversation over a cup of coffee or an adult beverage.

The visit was far too short, but like us, they were eager to see what’s over the next hill, and gypsy blood must keep moving.  Safe travels.


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  1. Finally got to read your blog and see the pics. Truly enjoyed our visit. Already thinking about next journey…..just not so far away. After awhile TB sets in (tired butt). Take care.

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