Hiking in Turkey Creek CanyonAfter a morning spent doing a final cleaning on the house that we were sitting in Coal Creek Canyon, we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do with the remaining half of the day.  Colette was able to get in touch with Peter, a great guy that we had met during our sailing lessons in Florida, and arranged to meet for a late lunch at his place in Turkey Creek Canyon.

It’s always great to catch up with people who lead interesting lives, and Peter is certainly no exception.  From sailing lessons in Florida, to helping crew a sailboat from the Bahamas to Annapolis, to discussions Gorgeous views in Turkey Creek Canyonabout where to spend the Golden Years, he’s got a ton of great stories to share and we’re always interested in hearing more.  He’s quite the artist, with two well-built separate studios in his spacious mountain home.  Pastel studio on one end of the house, oil painting studio on the other end.  Tons of natural Colorado sunlight, gorgeous views for inspiration, I (almost) felt the urge to start up a masterpiece of my own!  Speaking of – Ponderosas smell like vanilla!shameless plug – check out his online gallery HERE and tell him we sent you.After a great lunch, he gave us the hiking tour of his 34 acre spread.  Good thing we both traded out our flip-flops for hikers, because this property is no joke.  Massive rock outcroppings, tall red Ponderosa pines (did you know if you sniff the bark really close, it smells like Vanilla?), and views that truly belong in a National Park.  I’m simply amazed that people are allowed to own property this beautiful!  He’s a great fitness role model too – despite having a few years on us both, he was spry as a mountain goat climbing boulder to boulder, and several times had to stop to wait for us as we’re huffing and puffing in Turkey Creek Canyonthe thin mountain air.

Despite the fact that we could have both spent the entire day just wandering aimlessly around the property, we realized that two and a half hours had completely slipped away and we wanted to stop at Dinosaur Ridge on our way out of town and check out the dinosaur footprints.

A few goodbyes later, and a promise to meet up in Seattle in a few weeks when we’re all there, and we’re out the door on our way to see some dino tracks.

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