Colette had a bike-building workshop scheduled yesterday (Sat 6/19) in Atlanta, and when one of their instructors broke his collarbone, I became the 3rd person on the crew.

The thought of 3 days in Atlanta left us with visions of grandeur – oh the things to see and do.  In theory, practice is no different than theory.  Our was packed with ideas – hiking, Stone Mountain, places to go, things to see.

This was unfortunately not the case, however we spent 2 wonderful evenings with Jason and Nabila.

Friday night we went to at the Perimeter Center Mall, then on to Cafe Intermezzo for drinks and dessert.  Good thing that Jason was driving, because I would have split my britches after that meal.

Saturday morning we did the bike building workshop in 95 degrees, with 100% humidity.  While not the ideal environment, it certainly provided a whole-body detox to purge the booze and dessert from the night prior.  It was a huge event, with Kaiser Permanente and the chairman of Cox Communications donating $5 million to a beltline revitalization program.  The CEO’s of both companies were there, and the president of Kaiser’s Georgia office and their chief doctor were judges for the bike decoration contest.  The Atlanta mayor was also present, and gave 2

speeches about the impact that the program will have on the local neighborhoods and residents.  All in all, there were no losers, and 25 deserving kids from the local Boys & Girls Club went home with shiny new bicycles.  Another plus is that all of the leftover decoration material (construction paper, markers, tape, etc) is also donated to the charity for use in their after-school programs.

Once we were done with the workshop, we were both so exhausted that we headed to the hotel and passed out on the bed for an hour, dirty, grubby and just plain beat.

Jason and Nabila had invited us over for dinner at their new house (or did we invite ourselves?), and of course we jumped at the chance to spend some quality time with them and check out their new digs.  What a great house!  Hardwood floors, a great fireplace, enough space to house a battalion or two, a huge deck and a heavily wooded lot with lots of small wildlife.  Well worth the 3 months that they spent looking.

So much for dining light to pay penance for dinner at Maggiano’s!  Pita with hummus and tzatziki, Jason’s special Greek salmon fish pockets, and french pastries do NOT fall into the ‘penance’ category – perhaps ‘last meal’, but not penance.  Ah well, at least the salmon & vegetables were healthy!

A wonderful evening spent chatting about everything from work, family, the new house, and travel makes the time pass far too quickly.  We’ll be sure to invite ourselves back soon 🙂