Last fall I had the pleasure of being serenaded by Wendy in her beautiful home in Venice, FL while her husband of many years, Paul, listened adoringly to a song he’s probably heard dozens of times. I’m a big fan of live music anyway and Wendy’s Broadway lungs gave me a chill.

DSC_8074When she told me she’d be performing in a Venice Arts Center Fundraiser we jumped at the chance to hear her perform with pianist extraordinaire and longtime friend Dave Sayer. During their “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” cabaret Wendy and Dave performed a wide range of love-themed songs. Her voice, her facial expressions, her gestures…Wendy doesn’t just “sing” a song, she feels each song. When I joked to Paul that he “has to sit through this for two nights”, he responded with a huge smile, “It’s a pleasure, it’s a real pleasure”. Love really is a many splendored thing, even after several decades.

DSC_8007An added flair to the evening was that each table brought their own food and table décor with prizes awarded.  Our table could best be described as minimalist, of course, in keeping with our lifestyle theme. We were joined by Jim’s parents (visiting from Michigan), my parents (visiting from Minnesota) and two new friends Joan and Bonnie (visiting from Massachusetts).  A neighboring table had each of their four couples dressed in bride/groom garb, with a love themed menu, and a huge centerpiece of assorted wedding cake bride and groom sets.  Their table represented over two centuries of wedded bliss!  Wow, that in itself is worthy of a prize!

C’est Magnifique Wendy and Dave!  Thank you for a lovely evening!

ABOUT THE VENICE ARTS CENTER:  If you’re in the area and get a chance to visit the Venice Arts Center, it features dynamic changing exhibitions, thought-provoking educational programs, a year-round art school, evening mixers and family friendly activities.

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