Into the LightHave you ever come back from a vacation, and realized you needed a vacation to recover from vacation?


We’re now on our third leg of the vacation (the Keys) to recover from the vacation (the Bahamas) that was supposed to help us recover from vacation (Shelby visiting us in California).  I’m tired just typing it!

We knew that three weeks with a college kid in Northern California would be taxing – from Yosemite to Bodega Bay to San Francisco – a million things to see and do, and our feet would hate us later.  But we knew that we had a nice short hop to the Bahamas immediately afterward to help us rest and recover before we headed down to the Keys A Sea of Yellowfor some diving and sunshine.


Au contraire!  Chris and the rest of the late-night Bahamian rabble-rousing gang piled on to our already weary bodies, and now we’re spending the first day here in the Keys just trying to sober up and catch some afternoon naptime.  On the plus side, Avis finally hooked me up for 15 years of every-week renting and gave us a nice shiny new BMW X5 as our rental for the week!  And using free rental certificates too – what a way to start our R&R week off.


Here’s a bunch of photos to recap the last three weeks of madness, there’s no way I can write any post that would put all of this nonsense on paper!



Bahamas Weekend (15 photos)

Aquarium of the Bay June 04 (5 photos)

CA Academy of Sciences (3 Photos)

San Francisco June 02 (3 photos)

Land’s End June 02 (4 photos)

Castro June 01 (2 photos)

Palace of Fine Arts June 01 (4 photos)

San Francisco May 31 (4 photos)

San Francisco May 30 (6 photos)

San Francisco May 28 (3 photos)

Muir Woods May 28 (5 photos)

Bodega Head May 26 (6 photos)

Goat Rock May 26 (3 photos)

Bodega Bay Morning May 26 (3 photos)

Point Reyes May 25 (4 photos)

Yosemite – Mariposa Grove May 24 (8 photos)

Yosemite -Wawona May 23 (3 photos)

Yosemite – Glacier Point May 23 (2 photos)

Yosemite – Yosemite Valley May 21 (6 photos)

Yosemite – Tuolumne Meadows May 21 (9 photos)