The Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park is much less visited than the main Going-To-The-Sun area of the Park due to poor access and limited activities.

The single crappy road into the area ends shortly at Two Medicine Lake, a beautiful lake not unlike Saint Mary Lake although much smaller and more tranquil. Most visitors choose to spend their time here at the east end of the lake, enjoying the views of the rugged mountains framing the lake or renting kayaks from Glacier Park Boat company to explore the lake.

If you’re looking to ditch the crowds, there are several accessible trails ranging from easy strolls through alpine meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers to strenuous ascents up rocky slopes with panoramic views.

We picked the Aster Park Overlook hike and enjoyed it thoroughly, from the dense woods to the rocky climb at the end. Once again – starting early is always key to avoiding human interaction!

The name Two Medicine is derived from the Blackfeet Native American tribe’s belief in the spiritual power of the area due to the towering peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and lush forests that seem to stretch on forever.

The park is home to numerous archaeological sites, which provide a glimpse into the lives of Native American tribes that have inhabited the region for centuries. Sinopah Mountain and Rising Wolf Mountain in the area hold special significance for the Blackfeet tribe and are considered sacred.

If you’re on a timetable here in Glacier then I would suggest skipping Two Medicine completely. The drive to get here, limited permit access, and relatively limited hike options don’t give the same return that the main area of the Park and Many Glacier provide.


Sunbeams in Two Medicine
The forest stays dark in the early morning except where the sunbeams shine through.

Northern Minnesota

Northern Minnesota or Two Medicine?
This looks a lot more like Northern Minnesota than Montana!

Aster Park Overlook

Aster Park Overlook in Two Medicine
Aster Park Overlook give you a great view of Two Medicine Lake and Rising Wolf Mountain.

Aster Falls

Aster Falls
They’re not big or grandiose, but worth a quick stop.

Poking Up

Poking Up
Sinopah Mountain sticks up impressively above this stand of spruce.

Load Limit

Load Limit
This swinging cable bridge over Paradise Creek is wonky enough with one person on it!

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