Welcome to Frankenstein's CastleWith our time in Germany drawing to a close, we spent the final night of our three week stay in Frankfurt to be close to the airport for our morning flight back to the States.

On our way here from Bad Durkheim we stopped at Burg Frankenstein, the castle that inspired the story of Dr Frankenstein.  After a tour of the castle ruins we enjoyed a relaxed dinner on the patio on the mountainside with a gorgeous view overlooking the city and valley below.

As we traveled from Germany to Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, we searched in vain for additional stamps on our passports – even the kitschy tourist stamps, but no luck since these countries are all part of the EU now.


Many times during our travels we noted how much the landscape looks like southwest FrankentowerWisconsin with rolling hills, green fields, and clusters of trees.  We can definitely see why so many Western European people settled in the Midwest.  In several areas, wind turbines stand in a row with castle ruins in the background, an odd contrast.


One thing I know Jim will miss, is the courteous and attentive drivers…and the autobahn. I don’t know exactly how fast we traveled, and probably don’t want to.  I do know at one point I searched for something in the GPS that said turn in 1.9 miles and by the time I got the GPS in the clip it said recalculating.  You do the math. One afternoon we flew by, and I do mean flew by, a car with its hood up displaying flames leaping from the engine.  Luckily we never had that problem.


We’ve covered a lot of the country and still so much more to see.  Until next time, tschüss Germany!


Frankenstein’s Castle Photos

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