One of our map pushpins in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is the Toadstool Hoodoos area northwest of Lake Powell.
We love colorful hoodoos and goblins, and with a great assortment just a short hike from the main road this is a no-brainer. Not much else to say about the Toadstool Hoodoos since I’m not an expert on sedimentation, erosion, and other rock nonsense, so we’ll let the photos do the talking for themselves.

Balance Beam

Toadstool Hoodoos - Balance Beam
Winding up the trail to the toadstool area.

The Red Toadstool

Toadstool Hoodoos - The Red Toadstool
Also known as ET, this is the most photographed hoodoo in the area.

Size Me Up

Toadstool Hoodoos - Size Me Up
Colette checks out the pinstriping on a tall hoodoo.

All Alone

All Alone
Sitting among the nature freakshow.

The Queen’s Throne

Toadstool Hoodoos - The Queen's Throne
Taking a break at the top of the rocks

Lumpy Ledges

Lumpy Ledges
Two girls walk across ledges of lumpy standstone.

Color Layers

Color Layers
Varying layers of colors stretch out to the horizon

Racing Stripes

Toadstool Hoodoos - Racing Stripes
Racing stripe layers running through the sandstone.


These puffball clouds match nicely with the sandstone below.

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