Fannette IslandAs we’ve traveled across the country over the past couple years people often ask, “Where is your favorite destination?”  From beach to desert, mountains to swamps, urban to rural, we enjoy the discovery of each new and different area. So my response has generally been that I don’t have a favorite.  Until Tahoe.


In July and August, while much of the country was melting in triple-digit temperatures we were fortunate to enjoy a range of 80’s during the day and upper 40’s to low 50’s at night.  On most days there wasn’t a single cloud in the azure sky.

King's Beach Group ShotFor us, Lake Tahoe offers the perfect combination of summertime land and water activities.  The enjoyment of miles and miles of hiking  in the woods amidst tall pines and granite boulders, oftentimes peeking down at the lake.  Time well spent sailing with various charters on Lake Tahoe, and up-close views of the incredibly clear water from a kayak.


Along with ‘go time’ we also enjoyed ‘down time’.  Summer is the time for live outdoor music and there’s something happening in a park or beach area almost every night.  Sitting in our beach chairs looking at the lake while live music played behind us at Kings Beach was among our favorite experiences – and one we enjoyed often.  From beach spots to fire lookouts we watched the mountains change color as the sun closed out another day.


The LookoutNorth Lake Tahoe is very different from South Lake Tahoe.  The former is more laid back beach town and the latter is casinos and chain stores.  The people in the north lake area remind me of Boulder, CO.  They are fierce dog lovers, welcoming them in stores alongside their owners and hanging hitching posts at the gym so the exerciser’s best friend can wait outside.  We met so many people who came here for vacation and never left, a lot like Boulder, and Jim’s cousin Steve being a prime example – he showed up here in 1997 for the winter snowboard season and is still living here today.  Living here is a lifestyle choice, and not necessarily an easy one.  Winters can be harsh (by my definition) and jobs can be difficult to come by.  People live here because they love the outdoor lifestyle, beautiful scenery, and mountain village feel.


This is the first destination that is a contender for a potential retirement spot – spring through fall, that is.  We had a lot of friends and family visit during our brief stay here, which is something we’ll need to keep in mind.  Whenever we get to that point maybe we’ll have to hang on to the RV for a guest house. Winking smile

4 thoughts on “Time in Tahoe

  1. Sounds like a very interesting place. If I was a little younger…But you are kind of vague about the winters??

  2. I’m sold! Maybe one day I will have the chance to see Tahoe with my own eyes 😉 Lovely photos too, as always.

  3. Sounds interesting, especially since you mentioned sailing…and after all, how bad can the winters be, compared to the “Ice Box”?

  4. Yes to all three of you, you gotta see it. Winters? Definitely subject to interpretation. Their snow markers are about 10 feet high, and that’s about 10 feet too many for me. 😀

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