The Three Lakes Hike was in our overall Crested Butte map, but we didn’t think we’d hit it due to its location way on the west side of Kebler Pass.

After yesterday’s hike up Mount Emmons, we were looking for something that was less than five miles with some water.  We figured we’d do the Lily Lake hike, then once we were almost there we realized we were almost to Kebler Pass, next thing you know we’re doing the drive to the Lost Lake Campground where the Three Lakes Hike starts.

And that’s how our trip planning goes sometimes – Plan A becomes Plan B becomes Plan C.  Good thing we’re both flexible.

The Three Lakes Hike takes you around – get this. Three. Lakes. I don’t know where they come up with these creative names.

Solitude shall not be found on this hike.  The campground and day use area is very popular since it’s at 9,600 feet and doesn’t open until June when the snow clears from the road.  The short season means everybody enjoys the amazing beauty here while they can.

Even with the storm clouds rolling in first thing, there were groups of people here and there, mostly clustered at the three lakes.  The Lost Lake Slough at the bottom is at the campground and has the most activity, but if you’re willing to make the climb up to Dollar Lake there’s plenty of activity from the folks who made the hike up.

Throw in a nice tall wispy waterfall along the trail, and we’re glad that we made the extra drive to see this one.

Looks Bad Folks

Looks Bad Folks
There’s a storm rolling in and even tiny Dollar Lake is chopping up.

Good Things Come

Good Things Come - Three Lakes Hike
The saying “Good things come to those who wait” holds true. We wandered around in the woods while waiting out the weather, and our reward is blue skies and calm water.

Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom along the Three Lakes Hike
The Amanita muscaria mushrooms are very photogenic, most likely the most recognizable toadstool species – the same mushroom that’s in the Super Mario Brothers video games.

Perfect Play Place

Perfect Play Place
What an idyllic setting for a day on the lake!

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