Thermopolis Wyoming is home to the largest mineral hot springs anywhere in the world.
And we were going to drive right past on our way to a boondocking spot.
After reviewing the map, Colette made the executive decision that we were stopping and camping at an RV park that had their own private hot springs right onsite.
Afternoon, evening, AND morning soaks!
Hot Springs State Park right up the street is pretty amazing, with massive mineral flows from the hot springs.
Throw in some crazy rock formations, nice boardwalk trails and a suspension bridge, well worth the free admission.
There are multiple pay-to-soak hot springs that you can enjoy, one operated by the park and the others operated by concessionaires. We didn’t check them out since we have hot springs right behind the RV!
I thought that it felt a lot like Yellowstone, but apparently the mineral pools and springs are geologically different and they make a point of this on their signage. I didn’t take any photos of the signage and I can’t find much on Google, so you’re on your own if you’re interested in knowing the difference.
From here we’ll head to Wapiti Valley on the east entry to Yellowstone, then on to Bighorn Valley National Recreation Area.

Into The Void

Into The Void
Crazy shapes in these mountains!

Algae Mats

Algae Mats at Thermopolis WY
Like a river of seaweed flowing


Curves everywhere


Bumpy surface at Thermopolis
A lot like the pools in Yellowstone


The largest mineral hot springs in the world

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