Proof that there is a silver lining

Curiosity is the ideal travel partner. She reminds you to keep your eyes on the prize of surprise. Curiosity takes the scenic route with an open mind rather than cruising on auto pilot down a well worn path. Wherever you’re going, it’s better to arrive with your heart beating fast with wonder than to arrive fast and wonder why you rushed.                                                           www.soulseeds.com


I love that it’s our last morning in Punta Gorda and I just read this quote online.

We’ve had a terrific time here the past four months and few stones were left unturned.  It’s bittersweet to be leaving; we’ve met some really wonderful people and we’ve enjoyed fun new experiences.

But, curiosity pulls us in a new direction, and we know we’ll stay connected with our new friends as we continue roaming together.


Sunrise over Fisherman’s Village

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