… dictate the life we lead.

–William Shakespeare


20110313Sailing-031On the way to the airport this afternoon, Colette reflected on just how easy it is to forget that it’s not 70+ degrees, blue skies, and sunshine every day for others elsewhere.

As I look down at the frozen arctic tundra of southern Minnesota, that simple musing resonates deeply – the expanses of sheer white, the bone-chilling air in the jet bridge at MSP, and the stark contrast from the 79 degrees and sailing earlier today.  We certainly give up some things in our quest for simple living, but it’s amazing what a bounty of intangible rewards we reap.

We have a simple mantra that we toss back and forth to each other several times a week – what are the 3 things that you’re grateful for today, and you can’t use simple things like health, wealth and family.  They need to be simple, direct and relevant.  It makes you stop and take a minute to reflect on what you’re really grateful for, and if you’re not feeling particularly grateful then it makes you realize that even on a bad day there’s a lot to be grateful for.

Today, my three things are all intertwined.  So much of one is dependent on the others.  And instead of just sharing it amongst ourselves, I’ll share with everyone.

20110313Sailing-097I’m grateful for the ability to live in the climate of my choosing.  No need to suffer through Michigan’s snow-shoveling winters, or Florida’s oppressive summer heat.  Pack up the car and head to wherever the weather is nice, and enjoy it!  There are lots of factors that play into that ability – non-geographic jobs, simple living,

I’m grateful that Colette has the ability to immediately embed herself into a community – getting the rhythm, meeting people, and making friends.

I’m grateful for non-geographic friends.  Michigan, California, Florida, Tennessee, it’s nice to know that we can pick our friends based on a real personality match and not just on things like simply being neighbors, coworkers, or people that we went to high school with.

These are simple things, but I can’t imagine how we could venture down this path without them falling into place.

So today, I’m just grateful.

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