GilchristParkWe had a busy Sunday planned, but didn’t need to be at the regatta until 11:30 a.m.  With a pure blue sky and 75 degrees it was just too nice to stay inside.  We decided to take a walk along Charlotte Harbor at Gilchrist Park. And we weren’t alone!

  • Seagulls were lined up on the seawall as if to watch the passersby.
  • A “mature” lady in a black straw hat and bright red lipstick pumped a free weight from side to side as she walked.
  • Kids birthday party in the gazebo, bright balloons being hung, beautiful harbor backdrop.
  • Couple walking, both wearing headsets for their mp3 players – but hey, at least they’re out getting exercise!
  • “Mature” couple walking, really it was more like shuffling, hand-in-hand.  But hey, at least they’re out getting exercise!
  • Couples in the pavilion with their coffee, reading the morning paper, watching the passersby.

Though the median age here is 71, few seem to pass up an opportunity to get out and enjoy nature’s nurturance.  Love of the outdoors certainly connects people in this community.

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