Steps Beach is famous for a set of concrete steps perched on the edge of the beach.
Nobody knows how they got here or where they might have come from.
This is a popular Instagram spot, we saw multiple people come and go for selfies while we sat in the shade enjoying the waves and the sun.
There is also a popular surfing spot just up the shoreline to the North, but you have to pick your entry and exit spots carefully due to the rocky and slippery shoreline.
The same holds true for snorkeling, although the snorkeling at Steps Beach is only good during the calmer summer months.
We enjoyed Steps Beach, and would recommend it for a chill spot if you’re on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Parking is limited, so get here early to snag a spot.

Picture Perfect

Steps Beach is Picture Perfect
This is what you think of when you think of Caribbean beaches!

The Steps

The Steps at Steps Beach
The famous steps on Steps Beach. Nobody knows how they got here, but everybody has to come take a selfie sitting on them.


Pretty sure this boat isn’t going anywhere.

Surf’s Up

Surf's Up
A group of surfers headed out to catch a wave

Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym
It’s an adventure making your way down parts of the beach due to the crazy trees.

Photo of Photo

Photo of Photo at Steps Beach
Taking a photo of the famous steps on Steps Beach

Proper Chillaxing

Proper Chillaxing at Steps Beach
Find a bit of shade, pop up a chair, and spend an afternoon reading.

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