Today is just a short photo post from the Stegastein Overlook high above our rental AirBnB in Aurland Norway.
We drove up here last night for some photos, but decided to make a return morning trip to get the right sunlight on the far side of the fjord.
We also think that Stevie and Chris should name the next kid ‘Stega’

Creeping Down

Creeping Down
The sun slowly creeps down the mountainside as morning breaks

The Long Walk

The Long Walk at Stegastein Overlook
Heading out onto the Stegastein Overlook

Wait and Watch

Wait and Watch at Stegastein Overlook
Patiently waiting for sunrise to make its way to us

Morning Mountains

Morning Mountains at Stegastein Overlook
This could be Colorado

Slow Moving

Slow Moving at Stegastein Overlook
Sunrise moves slowly since the fjord walls around us are so high.

Stegastein Panorama

A quick pano around the Stegastein Overlook

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