Seattle at NightAs we were sitting in a Seattle coffeehouse, a city bus drove by that said, “Recyclers know soup cans can grow up to become city buses.“  That epitomizes the think green consciousness of this area.


Jim has a tech conference and since we’re in between house sits we figured it’s a good time to explore the Pacific Northwest.  Our timing couldn’t have been better.  When I looked at the map on the back of a USA Today, the entire country was red or orange, with a few little dots of yellow, and a nice big yellow swath where we are.

Seattle Space NeedleWe’ve both been in and out of the city for various meetings, but haven’t had time to really enjoy the area and do some tourist things.  I recently read, “Seattle is like a beautiful woman who is sick all the time.” If that’s the case, she’s been very, very healthy during our stay so far.

Like Germany, they take jaywalking very seriously here. From street level as well as from our 10th floor room it’s really a marvel to watch the synchronized movement as pedestrians and cars move towards their destination.  This city doesn’t have the crazy frenetic feel that a lot of cities have.  Nor does it have that strange potpourri of exhaust/trash/urine wafting in the air.  They also take recycling very seriously.  From coffeehouse to hotel room they have designated recycling containers and compostable paper and plastic cups!

Pike's Place MarketIt’s an unusual combination to hear the sounds of city mixed with seagulls.  Most of the streets downtown are lined with trees, and they even planted trees to camouflage  the concrete freeway support pillars down by the waterfront.  I like the way these people think!

Each corner of the city offers a different vibe, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Tourists in pockets near the Space Needle, Olympic Sculpture Park, and Pike Place Fish Market.  From patent leather to Patagonia, downtown is filled with an unexpected combination of locals in their daily routine of living and working.  And one evening we watched from our window seat at dinner as that part of town came alive with the electricity of excited fans on their way to a Sounders game.

I understand the popularity of this area, city and mountains, water and culture…all wrapped up together.  So much more to explore!

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