West Creek Falls has been on our list since last year, but it was closed for a long time due to the Cameron Peak fire.
We had planned on heading into the Park today,but high winds have created 8 foot drifts across the roads and the main area of the Park is completely closed.
Plan B!
The McGraw Ranch area of the Park is only a couple miles from the cabin, and the only trail we haven’t done is West Creek Falls.
It’s only 4.3 miles, but 1,400+ feet of elevation on snowshoes is quite the butt-burner.
You leave the park pretty quickly and enter the Comanche Peak Wilderness. After a while in Comanche Peak, you re-enter the Park just to hit the falls, and then you’re back out of the Park.
It’s an undescribable feeling to step foot into deep fresh powder, knowing that you’re the first people out here in quite a while. Breaking trail is tough, but rewarding.
An even crazier feeling is knowing that you’re probably the only two people in the entire Comanche Peak Wilderness. Sure, there are deer and mountain lions out here, but we’re probably the only bipeds out here for quite some time. Pretty cool.
West Creek Falls themselves – pretty meh. Actually, I’d give them a real meh. But, sometimes the journey is more enjoyable than the destination, and this certainly qualifies.

Depth Check

West Creek Falls - Depth Check
Colette checks the snow depth along the trail.


West Creek Falls - Size
We’re the smallest things out here.

Plowing Through

West Creek Falls - Plowing Through
Even following my track, it’s hard work in good powder!

Open Space

West Creek Falls - Open Space
I think this qualifies as proper social distancing..

Entering the Park

West Creek Falls - Entering the Park
Leaving the Comanche Peak Wilderness, entering Rocky Mountain National Park.

Along the Creek

West Creek Falls - Along the Creek
Winding along the creek to the West Creek Falls.

Meh. Falls.

West Creek Falls - Meh.  Falls.
Maybe the most unimpressive falls we’ve seen to date.

In Your Face

West Creek Falls - In Your Face
A sunburst, with Longs Peak surrounded by clouds.

Back To The Park

West Creek Falls - Back To The Park
Re-entering the Park on our way back out of Comanche Peak.

Winter Life

McGraw Ranch - Winter Life
It must have been a rough winter life at McGraw Ranch.

Deep Forest

It’s amazing just how dark it is in deep woods with no sun!

Deep Powder

It’s fun breaking trail, but it’s hard work

West Creek Falls

The falls are meh, but solitude is priceless

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