The Cub Lake Loop Trail hasn’t been high on our list since there are so many other trails, but as we start to run out of moderate trails to do this one made the list.
Cub Lake itself isn’t terribly spectacular, especially with the burn scars from the Fern Lake Fire in 2012 and the East Troublesome Fire in 2020 on the southern side.
The hike is beautiful though, with deep snow, heavily wooded areas, and frozen marsh. Where there is burn scar, it’s amazing to see nature’s resilience, with fresh growth next to burnt hulkk.
Snowshoes are a must, although we ran across a few people on the Fern Lake connector at the end of the hike who were postholing along without flotation and destroying the trail.
Suggestion – instead of doing the Cub Lake Loop as an actual loop, take the clockwise trail from the trailhead to the lake, then return down the way you just came up.
Better scenery, a nicer trail, less burn scar, and the trail isn’t postholed out.

Through The Woods

Cub Lake Loop - Through The Woods
It’s time to go play in the woods!

Aspen Everywhere

Cub Lake Loop - Aspen Everywhere
The aspen trees don’t look quite as white against brilliant white snow.

Alpine Living

Alpine Living
A gorgeous shot at Cub Lake.

Cub Lake

Cub Lake
Looking back at Cub Lake, you can see the burn from the Cameron Peak Fire.

The Channel

The Channel
These massive rocks fell a long way off the mountainside.

Frozen Falls

Cub Lake Loop - Frozen Falls
I’m not sure if this is a waterfall in the summer, or just snowmelt that has frozen to make these massive icicles.

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