The Slug Bug Ranch is a parody of the famous Cadillac Ranch along Route 66, roughly 30 minutes east of Amarillo Texas.
The Longhorn Trading Post and Rattlesnake Ranch was opened by the Crutchfield family in 1967 in the small town of Conway.
As with many small towns along the historic Route 66, Conway’s economy failed as superhighways replaced classic motor routes. The post office was closed in 1976, and the railroad stopped operations into Conway in 1980.
When a Love’s travel stop was created at the same I-40 exit as the Longhorn Trading Post in 2002, the Crutchfield family created the Slug Bug Ranch to try to entice tourists to stop in and spend a buck or two.
It wasn’t enough to save the business, and the Crutchfields closed up shop and moved away in 2003.
A member of the Crutchfield family still owns and operates the Slug Bug Ranch, living in a small camper next to one of the building s and selling T-shirts, shot glasses, and other souvenirs. All of the building have been vandalized to the point of no return, but they do make a colorful palette for photographers.
One word of advice is to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes from spring to fall – apparently they’re spotted frequently on the ground and occasionally in the cars themselves.

Service Station

Service Station at the Slug Bug Ranch
It looks like this service station is ready to reopen next week.

Budget Fuel

Budget Fuel
I’m surprised that American Pickers haven’t come and bought this ancient sign.

Don’t Paint The Building

Don't Paint The Building
I love the signs – don’t paint the building. Reading is hard.

Slug Bug Ranch

Slug Bug Ranch
Parodizing the famous Cadillac Ranch.

No Obligations

No Obligations
I am under no obligation to make sense to you.

Colorful Carriage

Colorful Carriage at Slug Bug Ranch
Bug Bottoms


A big block V8 with nowhere to go.

Slug Bug Ranch Is Cool

One word sums it up.

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