It’s amazing how slow life feels when there’s no classes, studying, or “must-do’s”.  I flew in from Chicago late last night, dragging into the condo around 1AM, so it was a late morning to start with.

Our friends Jim (Jim2) and Arlene have a great pair of Hobie Mirage kayaks with the pedal system, so we headed over to their house and spent a while pedaling (not paddling) through the Punta Gorda canals to get our muscles moving and some motion happening. Very kind of them to allow us to take a spin on them when they’re available!

A quick sunset at Ponce de Leon park before the rain squall blew in.  One of our discussions while kayaking was about how odd it was going to be not having the sunsets when we’re in Boulder this summer – we’ll have to find a cabin high in the mountains to live in rather than in Boulder proper so that we can get our daily fix.

We’ve both grown rather fond of Punta Gorda – the condo, the people, the small-town feel, the water, sailing, and of course the gorgeous winter weather.  We’ll both miss it when we move on at the end of April, but there’s always another adventure just over the next hill!
Slow Day