We stumbled across Seeley Lake looking for waterfront camping spots to work from as we planned our route from Colorado to Vancouver.
With a heads-down work week in the plans, waterfront views, plenty of solar, and Starlink are the requirements.
Check, semi-check, and check-drop-check-drop-check.
It’s like dancing – quick, quick, slow, slow, slow.

River Point Campground

River Point Campground
The trees are beautiful, but they don’t do good things for solar or Starlink!

Luckily we properly sized our solar arrays and lithium batteries to be able to survive on less-than-optimal sunlight, and this is close enough to nearby towns to get very good cell reception to make up for Starlink burping every eight minutes on schedule as it tracks to the next satellite.
Solar Logical Layout
We’ll probably add double the battery capacity this winter, and also bring along our portable solar panels next year to set out when we can’t get a spot with perfect overhead clearance.
Tall pines, firs, and larches fill the skies while lake after lake after lake dots the surface of this area of Montana. Those trees make for a beautiful landscape but don’t play so nicely with power output or satellite internet.
Not many daytime photos since we were inside working, but we managed to get out every single morning to capture sunrise over Seeley Lake, and not a single day disappointed us.

Our First Sunrise

Our First Sunrise at Seeley Lake
The first sunrise at Seeley Lake

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee at Seeley Lake
Not a bad view for morning coffee

All Tucked In

All Tucked In at Seeley Lake
A handbuilt wooden boat sits ready to go collect some fish when the day warms up.

Temperature Differential

Temperature Differential
A cold morning brings steam off of Seeley Lake

Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth texture on Seeley Lake
Beautiful morning colors as the sun slowly rises

Boy Scout Bridge

Boy Scout Bridge
A peaceful shot of Boy Scout Bridge at sunrise

Another work week survived, with Friday afternoon beer in the hammock and Saturday night steak at Lindey’s Prime Steakhouse. From here we roll out and head towards Lake Pend Oreille Idaho for two more weeks of heads-down work while playing as much as possible after hours and on weekends.

Friday Afternoon

Friday Afternoon at Seeley Lake
A cold beer in the hammock makes the end of the work week quite nice

Serious Steak

Serious Steak
Saturday night steak at Lindey’s Prime Steakhouse

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