The Sapphire Point Trail is a simple short loop in Dillon Colorado with magnificent views over the Dillon Reservoir.
With Mom in town for Shelby’s Wedding (yes, I’m just now catching up on photos!), we looked at high-value targets in the general area for the extra week that she would be here.
We rented a condo in the Keystone ski area, so the reservoir was right in our backyard and an easy target.
Other easy targets in the area – Loveland Pass at 11,990 feet, and the abundance of eye-dazzling fall colors on display everywhere.
Short post since this is really just about the photos and fall colors!

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass at Sapphire Point
A sailboat carefully plies the waters of the Dillon Reservoir

Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers at Sapphire Point
Colette and Da Momz enjoying the woods.

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty
Colorado certainly is amazing!

Sapphire Point Trail

Sapphire Point Trail
A nice easy trail for everyone

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