HDR SunsetWe thoroughly enjoyed our entire time at the Chula Vista RV Resort for many reasons, from the nightly sunsets over the San Diego Harbor to the wonderful community of people who stay there every winter.


We also enjoy our time at Santee Lakes Campground, although for completely different reasons.


While Santee lacks in proximity to the Pacific and the sailing that we love, they have their own waterfront to enjoy.  Seven lakes with an abundance 20111223RV-31.jpgof wildlife – Double-crested Cormorants, colorful Wood Ducks, Coots picking around in the grass like chickens, and bright white cranes hunting for small fish and frogs on the shore.


In exchange for the lack of the constant events and close community that is the CV Resort, you get spacious campsites and cheaper rent.

Instead of constant Seahawks flying over from North Island Naval Station, you get machine gun fire, Ospreys, and F-18 flybys from Miramar MCAS.


Good Ol' BoysAnd of course, the biggest plus of being at Santee is spending time with the friends that we met here last year.  Campfires, impromptu jam sessions, and chatting in the hot tub seem to be a pretty good tradeoff.


Such a good tradeoff that we’re thinking about spending December and January in Chula Vista next year, then February and March here at Santee Lakes.


Santee Jam Session Photos