Sandy Beach is a not-so-hidden gem in the Rincon area of Puerto Rico.
The surf action in the winter is too rough for good swimming, but the beach itself is picture-perfect!
Most of the shoreline is blocked from the road by private residences, but there are several spots where you can easily get to the beach if parking is available, primarily the spot where the beach connects to Antonio’s Beach.
One of the oceanfront bars (the Tamboo Tavern) here was recently listed in CNN Travel’s “World’s 50 Best Beach Bars”, so you can imagine what that did for tourism traffic.
We spent a bit of time walking up and down the beach admiring the views, we had forgotten just how hot sand gets on bare feet in the tropics!
The area is also known for watching pods of humpback whales during the winter months, we didn’t see any out there though.
Short post today, the photos do enough talking for themselves!

Vivid Blue

Vivid Blue water at
This beach is amazing!


Footsteps at
Follow the footsteps along Sandy Beach

Not The First

Not The First
We’re not the first people to walk along Sandy Beach today

Funny Language

Funny Language at
Odd that this sign is written in English…

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