San Luis Peak – 14er number 31 in the books.
This 14er isn’t convenient to get to from either direction – northeast off of 114 between Gunnison and Saguache, or from the southwest via Creede.
13.5 miles from the northeast, or the 14.3 I ended up with coming from the West Willow Creek trailhead to the southwest. Horse apiece.
But – since we’re already in Creede and I need to check this one off the list, it’s an early morning start from the West Willow Creek TH.
Normally I’d complain about long approaches, but this trail is beautiful the entire way. The monsoon rains have certainly helped as everything is green and lush, and the wildflowers still abound despite how late it is in the season. With the wildflowers come the butterflies and birds, and as is typical Colorado – mule deer everywhere.
Once you connect to the Skyline Trail, you’re section-hiking part of the Continental Divide Trail and Colorado Trail.
I ran across several groups of thru-hikers (people hiking the entire CDT or CT end-to-end) who were drying their gear and tents from yesterday’s monsoon rain. You really have to have motivation and free time to be able to spend months on end hiking!
I’m glad to have this one under the belt, good training for the upcoming Chicago Basin and Wilson Group slogs.

Bondholder Meadows

Bondholder Meadows on the way to San Luis Peak
The Bondholder Meadows split from the Skyline Trail section of the Colorado Trail and Continental Divide Trail.

Ahhh, Scree

Ahhh, Scree on San Luis Peak
Just what everybody loves – loose, crappy scree underfoot…

Peak Peeking

Peak Peeking from San Luis Peak
This unnamed pyramidal peak pokes up as the clouds move in to surround it.

San Luis Peak Peak

San Luis Peak Peak
The true peak (according to the USGS) of San Luis Peak.

Ants Marching

Ants Marching up San Luis Peak
Yes, I have multiple photos titled ‘Ants Marching’, and yes I’m using it again.

Mountain Colors

Mountain Colors from San Luis Peak
Dappled colors across the mountains as the sun plays in and out of the clouds.

Green Velvet

Green Velvet from San Luis Peak
The recent monsoon season has made the San Juan range green and lush. Note the small group of Colorado Trail thru-hikers drying their tents in the lower right.

San Luis Peak

San Luis Peak
The first view you get of San Luis Peak when approaching from the West Willow Creek trailhead.

Turf Wars

Turf Wars
With all of these Aspen Daisies around, it’s hard to believe that these two greenish-blue moths (their real name) are fighting over the same one.

San Luis Peak Google Earth

San Luis Peak Google Earth
Google Earth visual of San Luis Peak from the West Willow Creek trailhead.

Quick Summit Video

A short cell phone video at the summit

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