Sometimes you have to take a break from working on barn projects, and since the San Isabel National Forest is right in the backyard, it’s time for a nice snow hike.
It’s amazing that it’s almost 70 degrees down at the barn, and this is 17 miles away as the crow flies.
Two feet of snow and low 40s, we came prepared for the temps but should have brought snowshoes as well.
But – this certainly beats slaving away on projects on a beautiful Colorado Sunday afternoon!

We Must Play

We Must Play in the San Isabel National Forest
I was told that I was taking Colette out to play in the snow today…

So Nice

So Nice - San Isabel National Forest
Everything about this is just so nice.


If you hike, you must Cheeto.

In The Deep Stuff

In The Deep Stuff in the San Isabel National Forest
Two-foot deep postholes

It’s still fun though

It's still fun though
Somebody looks like they’re having fun

White Snow Red Rock

White Snow Red Rock in San Isabel National Forest
An amazing contrast between the snow and the rock

Shelby and Tom

Shelby and Tom
Rock Doc and Aspen joined us in spirit

I’m An Angel

I'm An Angel
I told all you haters that I’m an angel!

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