Starting the winter loop at the Brunswick Landing Marina on Saint Simons Island in coastal Georgia.
Since we’re headed south anyway, it’s a minor detour to fly through Jacksonville and head up to see Jason and Barbara at their marina.
Being the adventurous sort, they live and sail on their 38′ Kadey-Krogen sailboat Haven (which should be Miss B Haven), having downsized from a 43′ Endeavor to be able to sail more places without constraints from keel depth or mast height. Kinda like us downsizing from a 42′ RV to a 40′ and now to a 36′. Go see do more stuff!
The Brunswick Landing Marina is the perfect spot for them, tucked in on Saint Simons Island out of hurricane impact zone.
Beautiful, extremely well maintained, and with a very active, social community. Very different than many other marinas that we’ve visited with derelict vessels, indifferent management, and unfriendly residents.
We spent our second day exploring the island, from Fort Frederica National Monument down to the Saint Simons Island Pier and lighthouse on the southern end.
We could see directly across Saint Simons Sound to Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island and remembered our cold windy visit there in 2018.
It’s always good to spend time with this pirate and his saucy wench, and it’s always sad having to leave. But – more adventuring to go see do!

The In Crowd

The In Crowd on Saint Simons Island
Cheesing for a selfie with Jason and Barbara

Sailboat Sunset

Sailboat Sunset on Saint Simons Island
Watching the sunset out the cockpit

Lotsa Sticks

Lotsa Sticks on Saint Simons Island
Sunset over the Brunswick Landing Marina

We Were There

We Were There
Jason pointing out their old slip at the Golden Isles Marina from our lunch spot at Coastal Kitchen


I just liked this shot

Ain’t Afraid

Ain't Afraid
This pelican sitting on the St Simons Island Pier is well accustomed to people

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching from the Saint Simons Island Pier
We were lucky to get dolphins at Fort Frederica and here on the St Simons Island Pier

Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger
Colette loves the big trees

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse on Saint Simons Island
The St Simons Island Lighthouse is now a museum that you can tour for a fee.

Lit Light

Lit Light
The sun lights up the fresnel lens inside the Saint Simons Island Lighthouse tower

Cranky Cabin Mate

Cranky Cabin Mate
Dora the Explorer waits for sunset

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