Looking at our solar options, I decided that we should probably have additional battery reserves.  It’s like a water tank – the bigger the tank, the longer you can go before refilling it.  Since you can’t always depend on Mother Nature to give you a full day of sunshine, better safe than sorry.

Our 41’ Travel Supreme comes from the factory with (4) 6 volt “house batteries” and (2) 12 volt “chassis batteries”.  I wanted to add an additional 4 house batteries, but the factory battery tray leaves no space to mount more.  One of the readers on a RV forum that I frequent moved his 2 chassis batteries to his engine compartment and placed the 4 additional house batteries in the newly vacated space.  Brilliant!

Now the only problem is fabricating a mount to hold the chassis batteries.  Luckily the previous owner upgraded the chassis batteries to AGM batteries which don’t need all the tender loving care that wet cell batteries require, so they shouldn’t need to be accessed as frequently as the house batteries do.


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