Pitching and heaving – glad neither of us get seasick!

Some days you get more wet topside than bottomside… And some days the NOAA radar simply LIES.

We watched the radar all the way out to Cuba (182 miles or so) and we looked good. Once we got about 5 miles out of South Largo Sound we ran into a whiteout squall.

No worries, we made it to North Dry Rocks, the first mate went forward and hooked us to a ball so we could ride out the swells. Once the squall passed, we spent 48 minutes bottomside enjoying Mother Nature, even with the terrible vis (<30ft) and lots of sediment, but the biggest brain coral I think I’ve seen to date and some decent marine life.

Pictures are crap due to no sunlight and once we made it back topside another squall had blown in and the boat was pitching like crazy. We were very glad for full windows as we headed back in, we saw plenty of center consoles having a very wet and rough ride in.

North Dry Rocks, Key Largo, Florida

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