It’s not always just about playing in the mountains and rivers and rocks.

Sometimes it’s writing about said mountains and rivers and rocks.

I write short blog posts about “went there, saw this, had fun, here are fun photos” and hope that everyone gets distracted by pretty pictures and doesn’t focus on content.

The smarter people in this family write about moon rocks and something else I don’t understand, along with even more stuff I don’t understand.

Huge congrats to Dr. Shelby Johnston, PhD (aka “the Rock Doc”) for being published in Nature magazine (The international journal of science) for her work on “Nd isotope variation between the Earth-Moon system and enstatite chondrites“.

It’s waaaaay over my head, but I think it’s probably interesting reading for those of you with a science background. For a small fee, we can even arrange a signing of of your copy…

Nature MagazinePhoto by Tom Z

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