Boat BunniesSometimes it’s nice to take a step back and get back to your roots.  Since it’s not often that we make it to the Midwest, we decided to do a big family road trip and try to hit as many people as possible in one shot.  Ditch Bighaus in storage south of San Jose, park Jeeperz at the San Bruno BART station, hop a train to  catch a flight out of San Francisco into into Minneapolis to spend three days with Colette’s folks, drive to southern Wisconsin and spend a couple days with her brother, then drive to Ann Arbor to spend a few days with my folks, with a quick stop in Grand Rapids to have dinner with my cousins.  Toss a couple days at Silk’s house in and cap it off with a flight out of Detroit back to San Francisco, and that makes for a crazy ten days.

Days EndOther than dragging some crazy cold weather (12” of fresh snow in MN!) along with us, the entire trip was delightful and we just wanted to send out a quick thanks to everyone who had time to see us, and a sincere apology out to all of those who got passed over this time due to such a compressed schedule and the family getting the priority time.  We look forward to being able to spend more time with everyone when we’re migrating from the Left Coast to the East Coast the summer of 2014 or 2015.


For now, we’re happy to be back to the warmth and sunshine of Central California, and we hope to have some updates from our time in Monterey, Big Sur, Pinnacles National Park, Santa Cruz, and all of the Redwoods state parks south of the Bay Area before Shelby comes to visit next Monday.



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