Navajo Loop is the most popular hike in Bryce Canyon, and Queens Garden is a close second.
By combining the two, you get up close and personal to the most eye-popping orange scenery in the Park.
Usually you can also add the Wall Street loop, but it’s currently closed due to rockfall.
The downside to popular hikes in all of the National Parks is the tourists, but we figured the snow and cold temps help to keep the numbers down on winter visits.
It is amazing to see how many people made it down into the amphitheater without microspikes, and can only imagine how much fun it would be to watch them trying to climb back up.
Queens Garden is named for a rock formation that looks a lot like Queen Victoria, hooped skirt and all.
If you visit Bryce, this definitely the must-do hike you have to add to your list.

Silent Sitter

Queens Garden - Silent Sitter
Taking a quick break, and taking it all in.

Happy Hikers

Queens Garden - Happy Hikers
Photo number 2,037 titled Happy Hikers.

Through the Wall

Queens Garden - Through the Wall
The quickest way to the other side of the hoodoos is to make a tunnel!

Entering The Garden

Entering The Queens Garden
Entering the Queen’s Garden

Long Live The Queen

Long Live The Queen
Queen Victoria holding court over the Queen’s Garden.

The Forest

The Forest - Queens Garden
This looks like most of our winter forest hikes, just with orange rock everywhere.

Looking Up

Looking Up
Colette gazes up at the amazing scenery as we make our way up the Navajo Loop.


Lots of tourist come down the switchbacks on the Navajo Loop, then bail once they realize they have to come back up it all – and most don’t have microspikes.

White and Orange

White and Orange
Nearing the top of the Navajo Loop.

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