The Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range contains the most significant wild horse herd remaining within the United States.
We had it on our map, but it wasn’t on the must-do list until we realized that we would be driving through parts of it while exploring the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.
If there might be horses, we must load up long camera lenses and keep a sharp lookout.
We were not disappointed during our multiple drives, with horses at both the northern and southern edges of the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range where route 37 passes through the Bighorn Canyon NRA in Wyoming and Montana.
While not as in-your-face as the wild horses in our campsite at Assateague Island, as mop-haired cool as the horses in Iceland, or as photogenic as the horses in Teddy Roosevelt National Park last year – it’s always cool to see these graceful animals, especially wild ones.

Beautiful Backdrop

Beautiful Backdrop in the Pryor Mountains
These wild mustangs don’t realize how good they have it from spring-fall.


What's That?
A stallion looking back at his ladies. It is definitely mating season, and we had to turn the cameras off to let them finish their business in privacy several times…

Just Hanging Out

Just Hanging Out in the Pryor Mountains
We saw several groups of horses standing shoulder-over-shoulder like this. Horse people – why?

Wild Horse Range

Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range
Drive Carefully


Why you all up in my grill?

In the Wind

In the Wind
A mare and her colt running through the juniper scrub


And… some horse butts for you.

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