The workday is done, with no time left in the day for a big backcountry excursion we headed down to Pettit Lake to explore Trail 095 into the Sawtooth Wilderness.
Plenty of old growth forest, massive trees, wildflowers, deep blue alpine water, and even better – complete solitude.
Not that we’re antisocial, but there is definitely something nice to being out in nature without those other tourists 😀

The Dark Woods

The Dark Woods north of Pettit Lake
We love old growth forests!

Wilderness Use Permit

Wilderness Use Permit - Don't forget it if you enter the Sawtooth Wilderness after Pettit Lake
If you must wander into the wilderness, the government wants to know you’re out there…

Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest
The moss and ferns here feel like the Pacific Northwest.

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue along Pettit Lake
These yellow wildflowers contrast nicely with the deep blue of Pettit Lake.

The Fuzz

The Fuzz
Again, the understory here reminds of so much of the Pacific Northwest.

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