I’ve often wondered how people with peanut allergies travel on airplanes since peanuts are always one of the snack options.  Now I know!

As the flight attendants (add “FA” to your vocabulary so you can be one of those cool folks “in the know”) were announcing the snack options in coach class on the flight from Atlanta to Chicago tonight, they mentioned that they were very sorry, but that passengers (“pax” is another term to add if you want to be uber-cool) from rows 10-17 would not be able to select peanuts as a snack due to another pax (you’re ‘cool’ now, so work with me here) in that general area with a severe peanut allergy.  Neat-o. 

So does a general ass-kicking ensue from the other passengers  for limiting their snack options, or do folks generally understand? 

What happens if someone in row 9 gets peanuts and breathes heavily? 

What happens if that same person from row goes to the bathroom right before our peanut-allergic pax, and he touches the doorknob and goes into anaphylactic shock? 

Now THAT would be cool – I want to watch him get the epinephrine shot to the heart!

Inquiring minds want to know!