Pawnee National Grassland was a bit of a surprise for us.
"Let’s camp here" – said nobody looking at flat horizons full of nothing – ever. Well, maybe the original pioneers. They were a bunch of badasses, unlike our currrent pansy-ass politically-correct generation.
We had done our research, and did a little bit of improvising on the fly. Where can we boondock on our route to Panorama Point, and stay away from the few "campgrounds" in these small towns in the middle of nowhere.
We found a popular boondocking spot in the middle of nowhere (cows galore, and a windmill right behind us) – perfect.
But – Pawnee National Grassland is a lot like a first date – everything looks great in this direction, but set your drink down, take a step back and you realize that it looks like a nightmare from the other side.
Within 30 minutes or so of setting up camp, we watched a massive storm build up and immediately blow through.
So fast that Colette didn’t have time to close the windows or pull the slide in, and dirt immediately filled every corner of the Pod.
I stood with my back to the driving wind and dirt, and managed to snap a couple photos before retreating to the safety of our four flimsy walls.
Watching the craziness around us, we wondered if a twister might touch down and take us to Kansas with Toto, but we escaped unscathed.
Amazing views out over the Pawnee Buttes after the storm rolled through, and a good story to share afterwards…

All Settled In

All Settled In
All set up with a nice campsite overlooking lots of nothing. Blue skies, with some nice puffy clouds!

The Other Way

The Other Way
But then looking the other way, the story changes quickly!

Hunkered Down

Hunkered Downin Pawnee National Grassland
It’s a very exposed feeling to be in a little fiberglass and aluminum box in the middle of nothing with a big storm coming in.

Weird Clouds

Pawnee National Grassland - Weird Clouds
Watching the clouds take on weird shapes as they swirl around.

Nothing Out Here

Nothing Out Here
There is Nothing. Repeat, Nothing out here.

After The Storm

Pawnee National Grassland - After The Storm
A double rainbow against pure black clouds.

Light and Dark

Light and Dark
Light on one side, dark on the other.

Crazy Shapes

Pawnee National Grassland - Crazy Shapes
It is awesome watching the crazy shapes change above the vast nothingness.

Nothing But Blue Skies

Nothing But Blue Skies
You would never know the craziness that just blew through from this serene photo.

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