Panorama Point – the Nebraska High Point checked off the list.
15 down, 36 to go if you count DC.
5,424 feet seems like a respectable altitude, then you get here and realize almost the entire state is this altitude…
Get a little bump in the prairie, and suddenly you’ve got a high point!
Panorama Point is on private land, and the owners ask a $3 donation per person to enter, with a dropbox at the fence line.
I commend them for their capitalist mindset, we just wish they’d spend a little bit of that money on fuel to bring their tractor over and grade the road!
This might be my shortest post ever, because there’s a whoooooole lot of nothin’ out here.

Lil’Pod Was Here

Panorama Point - Lil'Pod Was Here
We don’t recommend dragging any trailer up the road to this "high point"

Elevation 5,424

Panorama Point - Elevation 5,424
It’s amazing (not so much?) that we have to drop over 2,000 feet in elevation from where we live to get to this high point. And they have much worse winters than we do.

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