20111114RV-002.jpgIt’s not cuddly.

It’s not fuzzy.

It’s not four-legged.

It wasn’t delivered by a stork.

And it’s bigger than a bread basket.

Much bigger.

During our trip to Germany, Jim proposed the idea of getting an RV to roam the country sooner rather than later.  The logic being that it’s something we can do while we’re still working and leave other adventures like long-term Caribbean sailing for when we’re retired in a couple years.


20111114RV-004.jpgMakes sense, so we put it on the radar for “out there” sometime.


Then while studying and researching like a mad man as only he can do, he ran across an RV that was too good to pass up.  So while I have to admit that I wasn’t quite ready to give up the “everything we own fits in a car” phase, we are now proud owners of a 41 foot Travel Supreme Select diesel pusher.  Home on wheels.  Big wheels.  500 horsepower.  1,550 ft/lbs of torque.


Our recent schedule looks something like this:

  • Get married in Anna Maria Island, FL.
  • Fly to Denver to pick up l’il house (our car and belongings) .
  • Drive to Sedona, AZ, hike like crazy, take lots of photos.
  • Drive to Carlsbad, CA, search like crazy for an acceptable/available RV spot.
  • Fly to St. Louis. Purchase RV.  Get it ready for a 1,900 mile road trip.
  • Having never driven an RV before, drive like crazy to get RV back to California.

20111114RV-009.jpgHmmm, I’m seeing a common theme here and it reminds me of a sign:  You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!




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