Oslo is the first and last stop on our Norway trip due to the flight frequency from Amsterdam as it is the capitol and largest city in the country.
It takes roughly 24 hours to travel Denver-New York City-Amsterdam-Oslo, so Colette was smart to build in two days here even though we only have enough pushpins for a single day worth of sightseeing.
Nothing but gray gloomy weather with a low cloud ceiling on arrival, but after checking in at our hotel we saw blue patches beginning to break through.
Once we headed out the door, the blue bubble opened above us and we had a several hour window of sunshine, although the grey clouds never disappeared from the horizon.
Starting with a mile stroll over past Parliament to the Royal Palace for the changing of the guard ceremony, then on down to the Aker Brygge area of the waterfront.
This popular area provides nonstop peoplewatching with the marina and ferry boats coming and going. There are even small floating wood-fired saunas on pontoon boats that you can rent to cook your buns in.
As you continue strolling east along the waterfront you pass the most tall ships that we’ve ever seen in one area, including the amazing Christian Radich.
Your stroll will take you beneath the Akershus Fortess looming high above, providing a great backdrop for photos.
After sleeping almost 12 hours last night trying to recalibrate from the 8 hour time zone difference, we’re taking some downtime today waiting for the rain to stop so that we can get out and explore some more.
Tomorrow morning we’ll hop on the train back to the airport to pick up a rental car and then begin our two-week tour up through the town of Nes where Colette’s great-great-grandfather came from, on to the coastal town of Alesund, down to Bergen, and then eventually taking a train from Bergen back here to Oslo for our return trip home.

Johan Herman

Johan Herman in Oslo
Head and shoulders above the rest?

Norweigan Parliament

Norweigan Parliament in Oslo
The Norgweigan Parliament building


Peaks on a roof in Oslo
Plenty to keep the camera busy

City Scene

City Scene
There are many photogenic spots in Oslo

The Ape

The Ape
This old three-wheel Ape Classic is quite photogenic

Tell The Time

Tell The Time
It’s a beautiful scene with the trees in bloom.

Old Hardware

Old Hardware
Lots of wood and rope on the Jumfruen

Old and Older

Old and Older in Oslo
The Christian Radich sits in Oslo Harbour beneath the Akershus Fortress.

What A Mess

What A Mess
The rigging of the Christian Radich must be a real mess to manage

I Love Ostrem

I Love Ostrem
No idea what it means, I just love graffiti art.

Container Housing

Container Housing in Oslo
Odd container housing below the Akershus Fortress.

Norway Route

2024.05.09 Norway Route
The Norway Map

Rick Steves Visits Oslo

Rick Steves does a great Oslo video

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