Old Fall River Road was built in 1920 to provide tourists a route to the high country within Rocky Mountain National Park, five years after the Park was created.
After Trail Ridge Road was constructed in 1933, it became the primary route through the Park and Old Fall River Road became an off-the-beaten-path diversion.
The one-way dirt road is a very different experience than Trail Ridge Road, but not meant for anyone in a hurry. Bumpy, no guardrails, multiple switchbacks, and plenty of people looking for fall colors just like us.
Normally we stay far, far away from the Park until the high-season tourist hordes have gone, but we love the drive up "the old road" and the road closes for the season on October 3rd. Queue up some patience and get an early start.
We’re starting to see a small amount of color at home at 7,300 feet – but the colors are really starting to shine at high elevations.
A short stroll up Marmot Point (no marmots on the point…), another short stroll up the Alpine Ridge Trail (tourist central), and a hasty retreat from the building crowds. It sure is nice having an amazing area like this right our back door!

Dappled Sunlight

Dappled Sunlight on Old Fall River Road
The mix of sun and shade makes it tough to gauge the road quality when driving, but it sure is beautiful!

To The Sky

To The Sky from Old Fall River Road
The Aspens are lighting up all the way to the sky.

Marmot Point

Marmot Point hike along Old Fall River Road
There are no marmots, but great views of the west slope of the Mummy Range.

12,005 Feet

12,005 Feet above Old Fall River Road
Top of the Alpine Ridge Trail

Orange Dots

Orange Dots
Two orange leaves swimming in a sea of yellow.

That Time of Year

That Time of Year
It’s that time of year – apple orchards, pumpkin spice everything, and golden aspens in the mountains.

Pop Pop Pop

Pop Pop Pop
Colors popping everywhere!

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