Like a Stuck PigThe looks of disbelief we got from the people in four-wheel drive trucks and the two four-wheelers should have tipped us off about what was to come on our Sunday afternoon drive.


We hiked through Nelder Grove today and decided to take a different route out than we came in.  When we came across a waterfall that ran right across the road we thought it was pretty cool – literally – as we rinsed our tired feet.  Plus, how many chances do you have to park in  a waterfall?


As we progressed down the road, the looks we encountered earlier began to make sense.  We’ve talked about getting a vehicle with higher ground clearance.  Of course we mainly talk about it when we’re on a road like this one turned into:  deeply rutted, snow/mud patches with an occasional large rock jutting out or a ravine cut across the road.  Ugh.


SprayWhen Jim rolled up all the windows as we approached a large mud patch (to keep me from jumping out?) I knew this could not be good.  He got out three times to check obstructions, assuring me that “it only looks bad”.


Other words that were not comforting:

      “This could be against my better judgment.”

      “Momentum will get you stuck much further in.”

      “How much more of this can there be?!”

Wouldn’t it be great if GPS had a vehicle-type option?  It certainly would not recommend a front-wheel drive four-door sedan go down this road!


MudHaving driven with Jim nearly all across the country in all kinds of weather, road conditions and vehicles, I have complete confidence in his driving abilities.  And in our eight year old Honda with over 100,000 miles.  Still, we were both happy to get back to paved, dry land and parked safely.


Who knows where next the Honda will go?

3 thoughts on “Oh the places the Honda will go

  1. Might be time for a different vehicle if you guys are going to continue this type of exploring. Getting stuck off the beaten path is not fun (been there and done that). A honda CRB or Toyota Rav 4 might better fit your current lifestyle.

  2. LOL yes, I think you’re right, and it appears we’re going to continue this type of exploring. 🙂

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