Rugged“I think I see it, not much further now.”  Moments pass.


“Around that bend, I think that’s the top.”  Moments pass.


We’re almost there.”  Moments pass.


No, these aren’t words in my head, these are from my trusted hiking buddy assuring me that this natural Stairmaster experience is about to Big Downhill at Mount Sanitasend.


It’s appropriate that Mount Sanitas was named after the sanitarium that is now the nearby Mapleton Medical Center because I’m beginning to question my sanity in getting into these hikes.


The review on ProTrails was right about it being moderately strenuous, and about it being a busy area.  We passed groups of women on their Saturday morning hike, other couples, singles with their dogs.  Lots of dogs here, big dogs, and theExpansey all seem so well behaved!


We extended the hike (because we lack sanitas?!) by starting with the Dakota Ridge, which served up beautiful views of the city of Boulder.  We hiked by red sandstone (quarried here for original buildings on the CU campus), around tightly-wound switchbacks, through aromatic pines, and over huge boulders. To say this is a rugged hike is putting it mildly. The views across Sunshine Canyon and mountainous Chautauqua Park area were definitely worth it though, once again.


Valley at Mount SanitasBy no means do I want to sound like I’m complaining.  This was about a three mile loop with 1300+ elevation gain (which is why they call it God’s Stairmaster), and I’m grateful to have the health and ability to even attempt such a hike. This active, outdoor lifestyle is exactly what has drawn me to Colorado for so many years and I’m happy to being playing in this natural scenic playground.


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Hiking Mount Sanitas

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